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I actually think this is really, really fantastic. World peace through fandom, yo. We shall come together through our shared desire to ship brightly colored talking ponies. :D

We’ll have world peace for three seconds and then Booky will whisper “I hate RainbowPie” and then the war will begin.

Brother will fight brother, households will crumble and fall, and in the last days upon a pile of corpses, Kyro will weep bitter tears and cry out in a thunderous voice, “Why couldn’t we have just shipped them all?”

And in the wake of the devastating war, people will crawl out and head for the light that is the omniship.

The end. :D 

  1. thebombasticbookman said: Whisper? i’d shout it, plus add Flutterdash in there for good measure! MUWHAHAHAHA.
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    Bookman said what!? The heathen must be destroyed! Take me to him, that I may - oh! Oh, hypothetically. Right. Geez....
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